Sale of Copics Restricted

Dear Valued Flourishes Customers,

Flourishes has been notified by our Copic distrubtor that we must issue and become compliant with the following directive and I quote:

“In compliance with the Copic manufacturer, Too Corporation, we may only ship the Copic line to addresses in North America, the Caribbean islands and the Hawaiian Islands, not including Oahu.”

As a internet store doing business globally this  greatly distresses me.  We have already contacted our distributor and voiced our displeasure at being restricted not only to whom and where we may sell Copics, but also the prices that must be charged.  We will continue to work on this issue and will keep you informed of any changes that may take place.

My hands are tied at this time.



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  1. Jean says:

    Jan Marie, that is a real shame that you can no longer send Copic products internationally. Such a great way that you market the markers in the sets. Makes it so easy to know that the colours all blend perfectly. As you say, your hands are tied for now and rules are rules.

  2. Eve says:

    this is very strange. Why not incld. the island of Oahu, where the population is the largest??!! And “IN NORTH AMERICA” means Canada, also?, BUT WHY they specify HAWAIAN islands, cuz Hawaii IS USA. This really startles me. I can’t understand what they really mean…Although i don’t have a business or anything, this got me curious. Maybe i should look into this matter. Thanks for the post.

  3. I’m also so surprised at their restrictions and asking other retailers to be compliant with the retail prices. Sure they popular, but right now there are so many other Alcohol markers coming out on the market, you would think they would really want to push their products out there in every way. Not become so exclusive people just decide to use a different marker.

  4. Leigh says:

    What a pity….I like the way you combine the colours to make the sets. It’s such a brilliant idea. I would imagine that it’s the distributors in the different countries that are putting the pressure on Copics. What happened to the customer deciding where they want to purchase an item?